Contest Rules

“The Art of Celebration – Marlene® celebrates 25 years”

Prize contest falling under the exceptions of the prize contest regulations pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 Lett. a of Presidential Decree 430/2001 (ref.: note no. 205930 of the Ministry of Economic Development of 20/11/2014)


VOG Soc. agricola Coop, with registered office at 1/A Via Jakobi – 39018 Terlano, Tax Code 00122310212 VAT no. IT00122310212 listed on the company register of Bolzano at number 00122310212, in the person of its legal representative Georg Kössler.


National territory


From 8 a.m. on 15/09/2020 to 11.59 p.m. on 15/11/2020


The contest is aimed at physical persons.

Employees of the organisation and all persons involved in planning this contest and their relatives are not permitted to participate.

The organiser also reserves the right to refuse entry to any party in the event there are legitimate reasons for their exclusion, such as:

- manipulation of the ways of accessing the contest

- violations of the terms and conditions contained in this contest Rules

- unethical behaviour

- false or misleading statements in relation to participation in the contest


The contest will be publicised on the Internet. Other forms of communication will be possible providing they comply with these rules.

Contest entrants can view the rules at 


To select a contribution for the creation of a special look for Marlene® advertising materials and packaging to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Other contributions will be selected and presented as part of a small art exhibition.


To participate in the contest, entrants must create a work of art that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Marlene® and then upload the file in the dedicated section of the website.

Files can be submitted in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF and SVG.

The artwork has to include the main topics of the brand "Marlene® - Daughter of the Alps" by exploring one or more of the following aspects:

- the origin (father, mother, climate) of Marlene®

- the creative process, from bud to apple

- the seasons, i.e. Marlene® as the result of the perfectly harmonious alternation of the seasons

- the varietal assortment

- anniversary.

The user is therefore invited to highlight Marlene's® story, but also to show everything that Marlene® contains, bringing to light what would otherwise remain perceptible only to the taste. The ideal artwork will be one that succeeds in making the invisible visible, which will make room for details to put the essential at the centre.

Having uploaded their file, the user must then fill out and sign the form available on the dedicated landing page, providing all of the necessary details - name and surname, telephone number and email address – in order to be recontacted if selected.

Users will also be asked to read the privacy notice pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679.

If the contest entrant is a minor, the consent of their guardian/legal representative will be requested.

All contributions will be published online on the website in a dedicated picture gallery along with the name and the first letter of the surname of the author.


The organiser shall reject any entry which:

- is vulgar or offensive, contains racist or pornographic content, offensive or denigrating content, violent content, etc.

- contains third-party brand names

- contains sexist or discriminatory content

The organiser will also not admit to contributions that do not comply with the above mentioned explicit guidelines:

- consist solely of a photo of a landscape, without reference to Marlene's® history

- consist solely of a portrait photo, a family photo or a photo of a real person, without reference to Marlene's® history

- consist solely of photos of animals, without reference to Marlene's® story

- consist solely of a photo with a religious theme

Contributions submitted after the deadline of 11.59 p.m. on 15/11/2020 shall not be considered for selection.

Users must only submit their own work and upon uploading their file:

- indemnify the organiser from all third-party claims

- assume liability for all dispute costs with third parties claiming rights to the uploaded material

- declare they possess all rights to the uploaded material

- declare they are the parent or legal guardian in the event the work includes recognisable minors. If the contest entrant is a minor, the corresponding declaration will be requested from their guardian/legal representative.


All contributions received and deemed appropriate shall be evaluated by the organiser or their delegates on the basis of the following criteria:

  • aesthetic quality of the work
  • celebratory nature of the content
  • the emotions transmitted by the work

After the contest deadline has passed, up to a maximum of 25 entrants will be chosen from all of the contributions received and evaluated according to the above criteria with 5 reserves listed, in order of priority, should one of the selected entrants not fulfil the conditions outlined below.

The judges’ decision is binding and final.

Each of the 25 chosen participants will be contacted using the details provided in the registration form and, at the same time, will receive the consent and waiver form by which they cede the commercial rights to their artwork. This form must be correctly filled out and signed, and returned within 7 days together with a copy of a valid ID document.

The first of the 25 selected artworks will be used to decorate Marlene® advertising materials and packaging to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The first 25 selected artworks will form the basis of a small art exhibition.

In recognition of the artistic value of their work, the creators of all 25 of the selected artworks who have signed and submitted the consent and waiver form transferring the ownership rights according to the aforementioned methods, will receive a € 1,000 voucher to be used at companies under the “Gallo Rosso”-umbrella.

Details on how to use the voucher will be provided during the consent/rights transfer phase.

Should a user not comply with the above conditions within the specified deadline, i.e. if the documentation they submit is inaccurate or incomplete, they will not receive the prize and their place in the contest will be taken by the first available reserve.


The Organising Company reserves the right to modify, also partially and at any time, the ways of taking part in the contest, providing suitable notice, without introducing any detrimental changes and safeguarding the rights already acquired by participants.

The Organising Company accepts no responsibility for registrations and/or messages which are lost or damaged during the online submission process, which are received after the deadline or which contain inaccurate data.

The Organising Company accepts no responsibility for any access problem, impediment, malfunction or difficulty regarding technical instruments, computers, phone lines, cables, electronic equipment, software and hardware, transmission and connection and Internet connections which might prevent somebody from entering the contest.

The creators of the selected works cannot contest their prize nor request the corresponding cash value or the exchange/substitution of the prize for any reason. Nevertheless, if the Organising Company is not able to deliver on its promise, it reserves the right to substitute the aforementioned prize with products of equal or greater value.

By entering the contest the participant tacitly accepts all parts of these transparent rules without reservations.

REASONS FOR EXCLUSION FROM PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 430/2001 on the basis of art. 6 paragraph 1 Lett. A:

  • Participation in the contest is completely free of charge.
  • The organiser does not request the purchase of any products / services.
  • By participating in the contest the entrant agrees to create an artwork and submit it to the organiser according to the methods detailed above, ceding all rights connected and/or related to the work.
  • The competitor’s artwork is transferred to the organiser who will use it for publicity purposes on the organiser’s analogue and digital advertising media.
  • The works are selected following an evaluation of their merits by the organiser.

Milan, 29 July 2020